Yard Sign Rental Services and Pricing Information

Yard Card Queen Navarre, has the best celebration yard signs for every occasion. We help you personalize your yard card greeting signs to fit the personality of the person you will be surprising.

Custom yard signs for special occasions including but not limited to the following:

  • Birthday Yard Signs
  • Over The Hill Signs
  • Sweet 16 Signs
  • Lawn Signs For Graduation
  • It’s A Boy Yard Sign
  • It’s A Girl Yard Sign
  • Happy Anniversary Signs
  • Wedding Yard Signs
  • Congratulations Signs
  • Happy Mothers Day Signs
  • Welcome Home Yard Signs
  • School Related Event Yard Signs
Big Yard Sign Rental Service Navarre, Florida

Custom Yard Sign Rental Contact Information

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Phone: (850) 797-4723

Email: navarre@yardcardqueen.com


How much does it cost to card my yard?

We now offer tiered pricing! Something for everyone! Please contact us for photo examples of our different package sizes!

Packages/Prices below are for 1 day rentals in Navarre, Hurlburt Field & Gulf Breeze. These cities I can travel to for a $10 travel fee: Milton, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach. Destin add $30 travel fee.

*All events for Saturday and Sunday are an additional $25 and are installed the Friday before the event. If you have a Monday event and want it there prior to 11am on Monday, it will also be included in the weekend rate and installed the Friday before.

All installs are subject to weather, but I will be in contact with you regarding any weather related conditions. We cannot install during Heavy Rain, Lightning, or Strong winds.

You can bet your grad will feel extra special with one of our signs! All Grad signs will include: Congrats, a first name, balloons, diploma’s, caps, an inspirational phrase, stars, a sport or activity (if available). Sorry, we cannot spell out custom phrases, or the full word “Congratulations” for these signs as inventory is limited with the number of grad requests we get. Grad signs will be done in traditional black/silver or black/gold, with school colors, or a color of your choice. College logos may be added if available, for an additional $10, book early so we have time to acquire them.They are for 1 day only! They will be installed the day of your party/event and removed the next morning, schedule permitting. Second days are $100. Additional Rush fees apply if under 72 hours notice.

Lord/Lady pkg: $85
This is a smaller greeting but still very impressive! It’s primarily used in small yards, or places where there isn’t a lot of space. It’s also for those on a tight budget. We want everyone to feel special and celebrated so we created this level to make sure that no matter the yard or the budget, your friend, co-worker, or family member will be sure to feel the love! This includes a greeting (message on one large sign), balloons, gifts and up to two pieces of flair representing their interests. We can add a name for $10 up to 5 letters. First names with 6 letters or more add $15. This size typically spans 4-8’ wide.

Duke/Duchess pkg $105:
This is the typical birthday greeting! This includes Happy birthday, Welcome Home, Congrats, etc. & the recipients age, either on a single sign or spelled out across the lawn and a single name, (middle names can be added for an additional fee). Examples of things that would be included are: Balloons, presents, stars, hearts, candles, party hats, etc. It will be filled out completely and it will be beautiful. Typically spans 12-20’ wide depending if we have to use stands or not.

Prince/Princess pkg $150:
This level is for those that want their sign to really stand out. It will include a lot more flair (presents, phrases like “Dream Big”, or “May all your wishes come true”, stars, balloons, hearts, fans, etc, and at least 4 interest related signs, (if available) to really personalize the sign.

It becomes a snapshot in time. The memories of what your loved one was interested in or liked at that time will always be with you in your photographs! We may use two or three levels, depending on the length of the name and what looks best on your lawn. You can be sure though it will be incredible! Typically spans 16-25’ wide.

Queen/King pkg $200: This is for the person that wants it all. The top tier. This will be a very impressive sign, requiring stakes for multiple heights* and layering. If weather prevents us from going tall and wide, you can bet we will go the extra mile to make sure you have a super full sign and then some! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! This includes your greeting or single phrase, recipients first name, giant 4’ tall numbers* for their age if requested, LED lights (40’ extension cord provided), AND we will leave it up for two days!* Typically spans 22′-30’.

Emperor/Empress STARTS at $250: This is a custom package. This is for someone who has a specific vision in mind and wants a very custom sign. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, milestone parties, etc. Makes a wonderful backdrop for photo’s. This needs at least a 4-6week lead time and includes one hour of consulting time either in person or via phone, to achieve the look you want. Pieces may need to be custom created, requiring us to hire a designer, so the more lead time the better as these need to be ordered in advance. Price does not include custom graphics or themes that need to be ordered, but it does include the cost for anything we currently have in inventory. You will be charged additional fees for any custom theme, or color we need to acquire, and each piece ordered must be paid for in advance. If we only need to order graphics, the additional amount usually won’t exceed $150. If we have to order specific letter colors, it could be quite a bit more, but we do have vendors that will let us buy only the letters needed. There are NO refunds or cancellations on custom orders. INCLUDES lights and a second day.
NOTE!: booking a King/Queen or Emperor/Empress level package requires several extra hours of design and prep time, and cannot be ordered last minute. There are also no cancellations. Booking a sign this size limits how many other bookings we can take, therefore we cannot allow cancellations. With 72 hours notice we can reschedule though

Other Services and Add-on’s:
Extra day: $30+ Use this especially if you are having an evening party and don’t want the sign removed before or during your event. Based on greeting size and availability. (Included in the King/Queen and Emperor/Empress packages) (NOT available at this price for graduations)

LED lights: $10 These make your beautiful display stand out and shine. 40 foot cord provided. (Included in the King/Queen and Emperor/Empress packages)

4’ Numbers: $10 for single digits $15 for double digits. These are so fun and definitely make an impression! (Included in the Queen package)

Extra name for a combined greeting or middle name: $25

Extra phrase: $30 (no longer than Happy Birthday)

All displays include presents/balloons/stars, etc. and specific interests for the individual, if available.

*Travel fee may vary by distance*
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Prices include sign rental, delivery, set up and pick up.

Additional Fees (not typical) that you could incur:
If you run the sprinklers after the signs are installed or your dog pees on them, there will be a $50 cleaning fee assessed. It takes hours of cleaning to remove calcium and mineral deposits from the signs.

If your yard is rock or you don’t have grass and we need to use stands it will be $25

If your yard is not prepped properly with enough water and we have to wait, water ourselves, or come back (we will determine which we can do) there will be an additional $25 fee added and must be paid before the greeting goes in.

Yard Card Queen Navarre Service Area:

Serving Hurlburt Field, Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Mary Esther, and Milton areas.

We can’t wait to provide the best lawn signs for all of your special occasions and celebrations. Not sure if we service your area? Check in with us and let’s see if we cover your zip code.

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Hi! Welcome to Yard Card Queen – Navarre (& surrounding areas)!

I’m Katie and this is my husband, Jon. We’ve been married 15 years, done a fair share of traveling (thanks Air Force), have 3 handsome boys and recently moved back to the Navarre area.

I believe everything is worthy of celebration. Yard Card Queen is here to make it easier on you, so you do not have to sacrifice time with your family for all of life’s happy moments. I am thrilled to help you bring joy and excitement to your loved ones and community through our unique, quality, and personalized yard card greetings. Forget the card- go big, and stake the yard!

I’m currently serving Navarre, Hurlburt Field, Gulf Breeze, Milton, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach & Destin. If your city is not on here, please reach out so we can work something out.

Thank you all for your support, I look forward to celebrating you!

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